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Guest Portraits

Why should you have live portraits at your wedding? It’s a great mix of entertaining your guests and giving them something of quality they can keep, and even put on their wall! You can’t say that about many favours. It makes a lovely reminder of your wedding! There are times during the day when the […]

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Guest Portraits Inspired by Quentin Blake Style

First of all let me say I have a huge respect for Sir Quentin Blake. To me he is no less than a genius. His illustrations are fun, kind and beautiful. They are designed to be drawn quickly. They make people smile. And that’s why I decided to offer to make portraits in a style […]

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What Makes The Best Sketches

This, of course, depends largely on what kind of sketches you are after, but if I can speak for myself I think the best sketches are the ones that are not posed, and capture an interesting subject naturally; for example, a touching or a funny moment, perhaps unintended! The moments you see later and which […]

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What Is a Sketch?

The difference between sketching and drawing. Sketching has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially urban sketching (drawing from life, typically a street scene or cafe). Although technically you “draw” when you sketch, sketching and drawing is not the same thing. Historically, sketching was used as preliminary work for later drawings or paintings; but nowadays […]

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Wow, what a time we find ourselves in. So difficult for people on so many different levels. I was wondering how I could use my skill to cheer people up a bit and came up with this idea some weeks ago, doing one free sketch a day from photos that people send me (ideally something […]

sketching in the chapel cafe
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Sketching with others (alas when you miss the point!)

On Saturday I went to sketch with a group of lovely people to Bristol. I thought it might be fun, not sketching just on my own but getting together with some like-minded people and maybe making new friends! And I was right! Except… The meeting point was in a John Wesley’s chapel cafe. It’s winter […]

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Sketching as a stress relief

Have you ever tried sketching, just for fun? It’s been proven that art is a great stress relief tool regardless of artistic experience or talent. It can be just doodles and scribbles, you don’t need to come up with a “professional” result. Just for your enjoyment. We all liked to draw as kids, but with […]

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