Here are some questions I get asked very often. If you don’t find your answer just drop me a line!

For the Story Of Your Wedding you I would typically create about 25 sketches on average for the 6 hours session package: about 10 sketches on location and additional ones from photos I take (it can vary depending on how complicated the sketches are and how much people are moving).

For Guest Portraits it really depends on the style and the situation, it’s usually between 4 – 12 minutes per face. I am happy to advice what would be suitable for your guests and what is realistic.

For the Story Of Your Wedding I don’t need much space, I have everything I need on me (literally) and I move around, although it’s important for me to be able to sit down every now and then, which helps me to maintain my energy and concentration. If you would like a sketch display for your guests at the venue, I will need a suitable sheltered or indoor space where I can place my display trellis. The sketches can be displayed in a different way as well, depending on what’s the best for the venue and the style of your wedding. We can talk about the details later and decide what would be the best.

For Guest Portraits I need somewhere to sit and have the guests I am drawing sit opposite, the space should be well lit.

I don’t usually travel further than 2.5 hours (by car) for various reasons, one of them being the carbon footprint.
Please do contact me to see if I am able to cover your location, it might be possible if I can do some of the journey on a train, this is particularly for London venues.

I don’t charge for travelling within Devon, but for venues outside Devon please contact me for an estimate.

I don’t travel abroad.

I sketch whatever you would like me to sketch. I can do any part of your wedding, provided there is enough light so I can see what I am doing (dancing can be an issue if the light is low). Sketching doesn’t need to be in one block, it can be split into several parts, including for example the preparation of the bride. Some sketches can be done later from photos, for the parts that happen too quickly.

Yes, I do, please find more information on my guest portraits page

No, never. Everything is always free-hand drawn. No tracing.

I do not require lunch but it’s always welcome and appreciated, specially for the 6 hours session – it’s a long day (and I am usually there an hour early as well!). I don’t have any special dietary requirements.

I started doing wedding sketching in 2018, but I have been drawing and painting for most of my life, from portraits to landscape, painting both from life and from photos.

Yes, I do.

Funnily enough I get asked this quite often! No, I don’t, lol. I prefer the happy wedding atmosphere 😉


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