Beautiful sketches done during your event

bound to a personalised album

Sketchbook is a unique way of capturing memories of your special event and sharing them with your friends and family, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birthday or anything else you would like me to sketch for you. 
It makes a wonderful present too.

The album is developed specially for this purpose and hand bound on a professional level, made to last for decades. Always personalised for you.

  • Any event
  • Sketched on location
  • Unique

Special Offer

Right now I offer an introductory price of £400 for up to a 6 hour event!
instead of the usual price of £600.
Includes the hand-bound sketchbook. 

Why sketches?

Sketches are not meant to replace photos and videos of your special event, but to complement them, like looking from another angle. Sketches capture the essence, the feel, energy and atmosphere of what is happening, rather than just recording a particular split of a second. They are meant to be fun!

My sketches are done using pen and watercolour and happen very quickly. They are not photographic portraits, I aim to capture memorable moments and stories in a fun and interesting way, with lively outlines and a splash of colour. All sketching is done live during the event. I only use quality watercolour paper that is meant to last and colours that won’t fade.

You can also have a digital version of your sketches and share them with your family and friends on social media or elsewhere!

Wedding sketching


I would suggest to anyone who wants to find a unique, creative and beautiful wedding gift to look no further than to commission Jana Forsyth to make a personalised wedding sketch album of the special occasion. Jana attended my son’s wedding garden party reception and produced the most wonderful album of sketches recording the day. My son and new daughter in law were thrilled to bits with the result because it was so unusual and it captured the feel and movement of the day in a way which photographs don’t. This album is going to become a very treasured possession.
AJH Wiltshire

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