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Posted on February 8, 2024 Categories: Guest Portraits, Sketching

Why should you have live portraits at your wedding? It’s a great mix of entertaining your guests and giving them something of quality they can keep, and even put on their wall! You can’t say that about many favours. It makes a lovely reminder of your wedding!

There are times during the day when the guests don’t have a lot to do, and live portraits are perfect for this! People can have their portrait done or watch other portraits being drawn. Typically this would be the time before or after the reception, or even during the evening, but it can be any other time that’s suitable. I am happy to take a break in between the busy times.

The portraits can be drawn on paper or digitally on my tablet, in which case your guests get a digital portrait sent to their phone or email when finished, or download it from an online gallery. There are quite a few advantages of doing it that way, for example the digital portrait won’t get damaged or left behind accidentally, and more than one person can enjoy having the copy or even prints afterwards. The portrait shown on this page was done digitally on my tablet. Each portrait is completely free-hand drawn the same way it would be on real paper.

If you would like a more lighthearted, fun and quick option, I also offer guest portraits in a style inspired by Quentin Blake. Find out more in this post!

There are two options for doing the drawing:

  • Drawing live while people sit for me. This is the more natural and fun option as we would usually get a bit of time to chat and the sketches will feel less staged, people relax a little after the initial “photo face”, you can only keep it for so long anyway 🙂 . I do try to make people feel comfortable.
  • Drawing from a photo that I take. These will be the most posed and least natural drawings.


  • Your guests will have something to take home with them.
  • They can request a portrait to be done rather than hoping they will appear in one of the sketches.

How Many Guests Can I Sketch?

It very much depends on the style of the drawing, the more refined style takes longer but it also depends on the situation, there can be delays between guests coming for example. If you have a lot of guests it’s likely I won’t be able to draw everyone, so please do get in touch, I will be very happy to suggest the best option and what it realistic. The drawing is done on first come first served basis.

Important to know

Please note that for guest sketches I require the whole payment to be settled before your wedding.


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