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Sketching a wedding


In an ideal case I would like to arrive at least an hour earlier, to familiarise myself with the place and see what the best way of working would be. I might do a few warm up sketches of the venue. I respect this is a special occasion and I will dress accordingly.


I will sketch throughout the whole event, I would expect to do about 3 – 4 sketches per hour on average, depending on how complicated the subject is. I don’t need an easel and I can sketch sitting or standing, preferably in a bit of a distance. I will be moving around to find the best subjects but I will do my best not to be in the way. My sketching is not messy in any way.

When I sketch I get into a “creative bubble” where anything else ceases to exist. Unless it’s been a long day and I need a cup of coffee of course! But I don’t mind at all when people come and look and ask me questions, it’s all part of it. It helps me to get more of a feel of who everyone is and get more of the atmosphere into my sketches.
I enjoy bringing this special event to life on paper and people enjoy watching me, so it’s a win/win!

Binding your sketchbook

After the event I bind your sketches into a beautiful, professionally bound and personalised sketchbook. See more about the sketchbook

Wedding cake sketch
Wedding cake
Wedding sketching flowers

What subjects do I draw?

Unless we agree otherwise, I would tend to sketch a bit of everything, as well as the bride and groom, I draw some of the guests at different occasions, the cake, decorations, the venue… Drawing large groups of people in detail would be too time demanding so I will concentrate on smaller subjects to illustrate your wedding.

In order to draw a subject or a person I need it to be there for at least a few minutes, but I don’t ever ask people to stay still so I can draw them! In fact it’s better if people don’t pay any attention to me so I can really get the moment. The longer I can see my subject for, the more accurate I can make it.

My technique

I do simple little sketches using pen and watercolour. They are in no way meant to be 100% realistic and replace your wedding photos but rather to complement them. I aim to capture nice moments in a fun way, with lively outlines and a splash of colour. I don’t record faces in detail, it would be impossible under the circumstances, but I always try to get the overall resemblance of the person right. I only use quality materials that will last. For many practical reasons I don’t do larger format than 10″ x 7″.

Every sketch is individual and partly depends on conditions it was done in and the speed needed to achieve it. I always do my best to give you the best possible quality sketches and I believe I achieve overall consistent quality.

Wedding sketching

Why is my hand bound sketchbook so special?

NOTE: I did not enhance the sketches on this website digitally in any way, what you see is exactly what I drew.

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