Guest Portraits Inspired by Quentin Blake Style

Posted on February 5, 2024 Categories: Guest Portraits, Sketching

First of all let me say I have a huge respect for Sir Quentin Blake. To me he is no less than a genius. His illustrations are fun, kind and beautiful. They are designed to be drawn quickly. They make people smile. And that’s why I decided to offer to make portraits in a style inspired by him. I do have a style of my own that I am happy with and use all the time, so this is just a fun addition to my services.

When this idea popped into my head, I hesitated at first. I decided to pursue it eventually but I didn’t want to take it lightly. There is a lot more to Quentin’s drawings than it may seem at the first glance. There is a WHOLE LOT more; knowledge of anatomy, human face, body language, colours, composition… I could go on. I have spent a lot of time studying and practicing so I could do it justice! Of course, he will always be the one and only, but I would like to think I managed to get somewhat close.

I can offer to make these portraits digitally on a tablet as well.
This has a couple of big advantages over real paper. I can send the drawing to your guests’ mobiles right after I finish them. Prints can be also ordered afterwards so they can be given to more people and not just the one person that gets to keep it. Having the portrait on their phone also means it won’t get damaged or left behind accidentally. All the drawings you see in this post were done digitally, I make sure it looks really close to real watercolour.

So, if you would like to have some live, fun portraits done for your guests (and you), this is an option you can consider.
The big pros are: they are quick, fun and can be done on my tablet. The likeness will always be approximate, because they are heavily stylised drawings and not actual detailed portraits, so please bear this in mind.

All drawings on this page were drawn by me on a tablet.


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