What Makes The Best Sketches

Posted on January 17, 2024 Categories: Sketching

This, of course, depends largely on what kind of sketches you are after, but if I can speak for myself I think the best sketches are the ones that are not posed, and capture an interesting subject naturally; for example, a touching or a funny moment, perhaps unintended! The moments you see later and which puts a smile on your face. Or a happy tear in your eye as you are taken right back there and then. It’s like a story book of your wedding in pictures!

I love capturing the key moments of the wedding as well as the moments behind the scene. The parts that make it as real as it was, with everything happening and maybe not everything even going according to plan (does it ever?). When you are not posing for the photographer and just having a laugh.

Yes, of course, photographers can and do capture these moments as well, and they do a great job, but sketches allow more freedom and artistic licence to include only what needs to be included and leave other things out, to get the essence of what’s happening and the feeling of that time. Also, seeing the camera, most people default to a photo face without even thinking about it – most of us have one (or two?).

When we have our chat before the wedding, I always ask the couple what kind of sketches they would like, and I have to say most of them do prefer natural sketches, and I’ve had so much positive feedback that they were really happy with their sketch album.

We are talking about a wedding so some moments will be posed and that’s absolutely fine and expected. I think it’s all about balancing both, and this, to me, is what makes the best sketch album.

Some examples of natural sketches:


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