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Wow, what a time we find ourselves in. So difficult for people on so many different levels. I was wondering how I could use my skill to cheer people up a bit and came up with this idea some weeks ago, doing one free sketch a day from photos that people send me (ideally something […]

sketching in the chapel cafe
Categories: Sketching

Sketching with others (alas when you miss the point!)

On Saturday I went to sketch with a group of lovely people to Bristol. I thought it might be fun, not sketching just on my own but getting together with some like-minded people and maybe making new friends! And I was right! Except… The meeting point was in a John Wesley’s chapel cafe. It’s winter […]

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Sketching as a stress relief

Have you ever tried sketching, just for fun? It’s been proven that art is a great stress relief tool regardless of artistic experience or talent. It can be just doodles and scribbles, you don’t need to come up with a “professional” result. Just for your enjoyment. We all liked to draw as kids, but with […]

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