Guest Portraits

Guest portraits in ink

Want to wow your guests? I offer live portrait sessions, drawing portraits of individuals, couples, or small groups. These sketches add a special touch to your wedding or other event and give your guests something to take home to remind them of your special day.

Guest portraits are drawn either digitally or on paper, and can be given to your guests as favours when finished.
Drawn digitally, they can be sent to your guests mobiles or email address right away, or uploaded to an online gallery to see and download from there (the fastest option).

The digital portraits are free-hand drawn on my iPad, the same way I would draw them on paper. They are NOT generated or created with a filter.

The portraits can be as basic as a simple outline, an outline with shading or even full colour, although the last option will take a bit longer to complete. They are still sketches, rather than detailed drawings, but achieving a good likeness it essential to me.

Some examples of guest portraits done on my tablet or paper

Guest portraits in style inspired by quentin blaKE

A fun addition to my services, simple illustration of your guests done in a style inspired by the magnificent Sir Quentin Blake.

If you are looking for something lighthearted, these might be the perfect option for your wedding or other special occasion.

They are actually the quickest portraits I can do, so there is a better chance of being able to sketch more of your guests in the time given. I really love doing these, so please do book me and and give me an excuse to do lots more! 😉

Please bear in mind if you have a large number of guests it’s unlikely I will be able to draw them all. I am happy to have a chat and advise you on what’s possible and what I would recommend.

I have written a whole blog post if you would like to know more of the background and why I decided to offer this style as an additional service. You can read it here.

Some quick portraits drawn digitally on my tablet


Traditional Pen & Paper

Simple outline sketches done with pen and ink on archival quality paper, can be given to your guests as favours when finished.


  • Your guests will have the sketch on paper to take home.
  • I can take photos of the guests holding their portrait and upload them to a password protected online gallery.


  • There will only ever be just one copy
  • If they are given to your guests at the wedding I won’t be able to scan then for you, therefore there will be no online portrait gallery.
  • No prints to give to other people or to keep for yourself, but there can be an option to have photos of your guests holding their portraits.
  • Sketches on paper can get accidentally damaged or left behind.

Digital Sketches

Digital portraits hand-drawn drawn on my tablet. They can be sent to your guests mobiles or an email address when finished, or uploaded to an online gallery to see and download from there (the fastest option).


  • Your guests will have their portrait right away in a digital form.
  • They are a bit faster because I don’t need to wait for any wet layers to dry.
  • More than one person can enjoy having the copy or order prints afterwards. (prints are not included in price).
  • Your guests can share the sketches without having to try to photograph them.
  • A password protected online gallery of your guest portraits with an option to download, that can be shared with your friends and family at any point.


  • The guests won’t get the actual paper sketch on the day, but they will have the digital version. Prints can be ordered afterwards for an additional fee if required.


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