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Wow, what a time we find ourselves in. So difficult for people on so many different levels. I was wondering how I could use my skill to cheer people up a bit and came up with this idea some weeks ago, doing one free sketch a day from photos that people send me (ideally something funny). My son is doing the selecting, which gives him something fun to do, and spares me the headache of trying to decide which one of the lovely and funny photos I should sketch each day! He might be slightly partial to cats and dogs… but he promised to select other subjects too 🙂 . I posted this idea on Instagram and Facebook and got a great response and plenty of photos to start with.

I have to admit I am not managing to do one every day at the moment, life is quite demanding when you need to work, look after a child and a house single handedly. But I am still trying to do as much as I can while the lockdown lasts. It is so worth it getting a happy response from someone who’s day just got a bit better for getting their photo sketched! I can’t make this go away, but at least I can make someone smile (hopefully!).

I am still doing the sketches at the moment, so if you would like to send me your photo(s) please use either my email or message me on instagram or facebook. I will do my best!

Also, if I sketched your photo and you would like me to post it to you after this craziness is over, let me know, I would just ask you to cover the postage cost, the sketch as such is free. You can also have it mounted, the price is £2.50 for that size (10×10 inches) for a single mounting or £5 for a double mounting.

Some of my sketches done as part of #sketchingtocheeryouup


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