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Sketching with others (alas when you miss the point!)

Posted on January 12, 2020 Categories: Sketching

On Saturday I went to sketch with a group of lovely people to Bristol. I thought it might be fun, not sketching just on my own but getting together with some like-minded people and maybe making new friends! And I was right! Except… The meeting point was in a John Wesley’s chapel cafe. It’s winter and not everybody is up to facing the wet English winter weather, drawing while deciding which parts of your sketching kit you would like to keep the most, whilst the other bits are flying away, past the unsuspecting pedestrians.

So this location makes a lot of sense, specially if you don’t arrive late (like I did), hear the instructions (like I didn’t) and don’t miss the whole point of sketching on that location, not noticing that the main place wasn’t the cafe but the actual historic chapel (DUH!). I was wondering why there were just a few people drawing around the cafe… lol!

Oh well.. it was still fun and I made a few sketches of the colourful counter. I did the same view twice, each time in a different style. I started experimenting with drawing on the brown paper recently and I really enjoy it. The colours need to be muted but the white highlights more than make up for it!

We got together afterwards to compare notes (in the chapel, of course, so I had a good chance to have a long look at what I was missing), it’s great to see people are going out and doing this. Way to go!

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